The ultimate guide to Lashface&Co brow lift

October 5, 2022. Author: Josefine

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Lashface&Co brow lift. This blog post contains everything you need to know about this treatment. We will also tell you what it consists of, how long it takes and what the results look like. In addition, we have answered some common questions that many people have after undergoing a brow lift.

What is a brow lift?

Brow lift or eyebrow lamination gives the brows a lift and the illusion of denser & fuller brows. Then a keratin treatment is included, just like with a lash lift, which strengthens the brows and adds vitamins, minerals and proteins. In the treatment, the brows are also colored and shaped.

How long does a brow lift treatment take?

Lashface&Co brow lift takes from 45 minutes by a certified stylist. To get more smooth and formable brows with the Lashface&Co brow lift lamination technique, Lashface&Co's products are applied step by step by a trained stylist. After your consultation, the stylist begins a treatment tailored to your skin type and brow lift at Lashface&Co.

How does the Lashface&Co brow lift work?


With all brows brushed upwards, a Lifting Lotion is applied which causes the disulphide bonds in each brow to open up to take on a new shape.


Once the Lifting Lotion has been removed, a volumizing formula is applied which is fixed to the new shape of the brows.


A brow color is applied after consultation so that the color is not too dark or too weak. This color can be applied with different effects to highlight different parts of the brows. You can also wish for a cooler or warmer shade.


Finally, a moisturizing serum is applied to nourish and repair the strands after the physical and chemical transformation.

Hydrating Cream 3 is recommended to be used daily after brow lift lamination treatment as hydration is important for a nice and lasting result.

A Lashface&Co brow lift lamination means that you can now freely brush fine brows in the desired direction, you can also choose to brush the lashes to their original state in case you don't want a more dramatic look. With the treatment, we have made it possible for the customer to shape the brows more freely.

What will the result look like?

After the treatment, the eyebrows look fuller and more organized, they stay in place and help to frame the face and focus on the eyes. The result lasts up to 8 weeks depending on the hair's individual growth phase.

How long does lashface&co brow lift last?

With immediate results lasting up to 8 weeks, a brow lift is ideal for people with minimal maintenance.

How much does lashface&co brow lift cost?

The cost of the long-term brow lift treatment is, on average, SEK 679 per treatment.

Whether you want a subtle improvement or change the shape completely, Lashface&Co's brow lift is the perfect solution. Our stylists are well trained and will listen to your goals and objectives, so they can tailor the treatment to suit you and your style.

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