Lash lift is one of the most popular treatments right now. It is safe, gives fantastic results and there is hardly any maintenance. Your eyelashes are improved but still look natural and full-bodied.

Aftercare is a very important part after every treatment. It consists of several rules that must be followed; otherwise the results will not be as expected.

Avoid soaking the lashes with water for the next 24-48 hours after treatment as the product must be fixed, do not rinse the lashes with warm water for 48 hours. Avoid mascara and oil-based products in the eye area for the next 24-48 hours after treatment.

For the first 48 hours, make sure that the lashes do not get wet and avoid all steam, swimming or washing the face with warm water. It is important to maintain the beautiful lift while your lashes lock in place.

Tips you need to know after a Lash Lift treatment:

➢ None mascara at 48h
➢ No fumes on your lashes at 48h
➢ Do not use oil-based products at all as this affects results negatively
➢ Do not rub your eyes at 48h
➢ No water on your lashes in 48h
➢ No sport in 48h
➢ No sauna in 48h



You are free to use mascara after 24-48h, then Lashface&Co Lash Lift Effect Mascara is recommended. A waterproof mascara specially formulated and adapted to preserve the Lash Lift result and care for the lashes.

Eyelash curler is not recommended to be used in conjunction with Lash Lift results/ or in combination with the use of Lashface&Co Keratin Boost Serum.


Lashface & Co Brow Lift Lamination is one of the hottest treatments right now. Eyebrow lamination, as a brow lift is also called, gives the brows a lift and the impression of denser & fuller brows. In the treatment, the eyebrows are also colored and shaped!

The treatment is suitable for all different eyebrow shapes, even thinner eyebrows. The eyebrows do not have to stand straight up after a finished treatment, but you shape the eyebrows freely as you want without having obsessive straws that want to lie down as they want.

After the treatment, you should avoid cleaning products with oil or getting water on your eyebrows for 48 hours. You should also try to avoid sleeping on them and exercising for 48 hours for best results. Brush daily through the eyebrows and feel free to apply Hydrating Gel 3 daily.

Brows & Lashes need moisture daily like other areas of the body!