Oilfree Eyemakeup Remover - 10-pack

Lashface&Co's own cleansing mousse that removes make-up and impurities without drying out the skin. Mild and good mousse for sensitive skin. Oil-free formula designed to preserve Lash Lift results.

Available in both 60ml and 100ml.

Lashface & Co are strong opponents of animal testing and our products are not sold in any markets that require the products to be tested on animals.

Mild foaming cleanser that thoroughly cleanses lashes, while encouraging optimal lash and eyelid hygiene.

Suitable for use on lash extensions, lash lift lashes and natural lashes.

Physiological formulation with skin neutral PH 7. Designed to respect and not irritate the PH value of the tear duct.

It is formulated without alcohol, oil, soap, parabens and dyes.

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