Sponge - 5-pieces

Let us present the Lashface & Co sponge, the unique design and the exclusive material make it possible to fade product in the areas that can be difficult to reach, and at the same time give a beautiful result without streaks and that a lot of product is wasted.

Lashface & Co are strong opponents of animal testing and our products are not sold in any markets that require the products to be tested on animals.

It can be used with foundation, powder and all other products that give the face that little extra you want.

Dampen Lashface & Co Make Up Sponge lightly with water before applying liquid products to reduce the risk of the product being absorbed into the sponge. Apply foundation / concealer by dabbing or with light pressing movements work it into the skin with the rounded part on the sponge. To put the product under the eyes, the use of the flat top of the Lashface & Co sponge is recommended.

The easiest way to clean your Sponge is to moisten it with water and massage it in with a mild shampoo or with a make-up brush cleaner. Repeat until all cleaning is gone and the water is clear. Allow to dry before use.

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