The ultimate Lashface&Co cosmetics you should use to maintain and prolong your lash lift and brow lift results

October 5, 2022. Author: Josefine

LashFace&Co's cosmetics are an important part of maintaining and extending the results of your lash and eyebrow lift. Why choose to use LashFace&Co cosmetics? Because they are made from all natural ingredients, which means you can be sure that your eyelashes will not be damaged at all by using this product.

1. Lash Lift Effect Mascara

Lash Lift Effect Mascara is a mascara with natural ingredients that helps you achieve the lash lift effect you've always dreamed of. It's suitable for both day and night use, but it's important to take care of your lashes so they don't get damaged or fall out.

To apply Lash Lift Effect Mascara:

  • Make sure your lashes are clean and dry before applying the mascara.
  • Use short strokes when applying the product from root to tip to avoid the product clumping or smearing on other parts of the face (eg under the eyes).

2. Brow Pencil

To maintain the results of your lash and eyebrow lift, you need to use the right tools. A great tool for filling in the eyebrows is the Brow Pencil (this is our favorite). You can choose a pencil that matches your hair color or skin tone, but keep in mind that if you have blonde or red hair, you may want to choose a cooler shade like "blonde" or "ash" so it doesn't look too hot on top these notes.

  • After applying your foundation and concealer (if needed), start by applying the eyebrow product directly to clean skin where the hairs will grow. This ensures that no color is transferred to surrounding areas during application.
  • Then fill in any gaps with short strokes starting from one side of the brow and moving towards another side before going back over them again; repeat until all gaps are completely filled.

3. Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a great way to keep your lips moisturized. Lashface&Co lipgloss lasts safely throughout the day with a candy-smelling formula, the lipgloss makes your lips fuller and plumper. Your lips will be soft and protected with the help of vitamin E and Shea Butter. TOTALLY FREE from palm oil.

Lashface&Co Lipgloss is available in several shades that make it easy to find your personal favourites. This product can also be purchased physically in our store in Gothenburg.

4. Concealer Pencil

Lashface&Co Concealer Pencil is a great product for concealing and highlighting. It can be used to cover dark circles and spots as well as to highlight the brow bone. It is made from natural ingredients, so it is suitable for all skin types.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro looking for ways to improve your skills to create beautiful results, we hope this list of our favorite cosmetics will help you reach your goals.

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