Our best advice and how to troubleshoot common Lashface&Co lift problems

October 5, 2022. Author: Josefine.

There are many problems that can arise when working as a stylist and trying to perform an eyelash lift . It is important to know how to prevent or solve these problems. If not caught early, they can give you long-term problems with lifting. Always keep your appointments according to the recommended time when performing the Lashface&Co Lash Lift treatment for the first time on a client.

1. How do you know which pillow to choose?

As a rule, the lashes should go halfway up or all the way up the pad, when the pad is at the lash root.

  • If the customer wants a natural result, the lashes should go halfway up the pad.
  • If the customer wants a lot of lift, the lashes should go all the way up the pad.
  • If the customer wants as much bend as possible and you take the pillow S which gives the most bend, then it is of the utmost importance that the customer has room for the lashes.

Here you can also ask control questions to the customer to get more information regarding e.g. use of eyelash curlers.

2. Incorrect placement of the silicone pad
This is due to the silicone pad being placed too high or low on the lashes, you should not place the pad higher than the root. It should not be placed too high up or too far down on the lashes, it should follow the root of the lashes so that you can see the root of the lashes while you brush the lashes up on the pad.

  • Position the lashes so that the lashes reach halfway or all the way up the pad. The lashes must not sit loose but must be glued from root to tip.
  • In cases where the customer's lashes look like the picture, you do the opposite of the method, this is one of the most popular techniques you should master.
  • On the contrary, the technique means that you brush the lashes downwards using no 1 (lifting cream) NOTE no more than 1 minute, followed by no 2 (neutralising cream) which you brush down for a maximum of 1-2 minutes. Clean the area with water, the agent will remove the color so you will be able to recolor the lashes and finish by applying moisturizing cream no. 3.

3. Over-processed lashes
This is due to incorrect treatment times. The customer's lashes have been overstimulated, if you are unsure of the time, take a shorter time. Then you have another chance to give the lashes a new round. (This can be saved with the opposite method but one must be extremely careful.)

4. Forgotten lashes in the corner of the eye
Be as picky as if you had been lying there yourself, don't miss the lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Your finger is your best friend in pushing up hidden lashes. Don't be afraid to explore so you don't miss out, this thoroughness will lead to repeat customers. We all notice an excellent and fine result, when someone is extra careful you simply feel it.

5. Over-processed fringes
Always remember to turn the micro applicator up and away from the eye when removing your lifting cream. NOTE: Do not touch the top of the lashes. The creams must never be applied higher than halfway up the lash. Your neutralizing cream (no 2) must be applied in exactly the same area as your lifting cream (no 1) was applied. Cracked tops are also proof that the customer should have a larger size of the pad.

  • When both agents are to be removed, you must be extremely careful to avoid the peaks.
  • Remove all product from the lashes using a dry micro brush. All product must be removed before paint is applied otherwise agents will get in the way of the paint adhering well.

6. Shampooing
If the Lashface&Co Lash Lift treatment is performed on dirty lashes, it affects the final result.

If you do not want to be involved in this process, you can write in the booking confirmation that the customer can come without eye make-up, or arrive 10 minutes earlier to remove it yourself at your place.

You can then take the opportunity to sell make-up remover to the customer that is oil-free and gentle on the lash lift result. Lashface&Co's own oil-free make-up remover can be purchased here, Oilfree Eyemakeup Remover.

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