How many different curls is possible to get with Lashface&Co Lash Lift?

October 4, 2022. Author: Josefine

If you are looking for a Lash Lift treatment that will give you the best possible results for your clients, then you must consider using Lashface&Co Silicon Curlers . Silicon Curlers are the latest innovation in Lash Lift technology and we offer a number of different sizes.

Looking for the perfect silicone curler to give you the perfect lash lift?

In our webshop we have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from to give you the best possible lift. If you're not familiar with lash lifts, they are a type of perm used to curl your lashes and give them a more lifted look. The silicone curler is placed on your lashes and left for a few minutes before being removed.

Do I need all different sizes to offer my customers?
And YES - you need all sizes to be able to offer a more natural curl as well as the extreme curl to all your clients. Our Large pad also works as an XL pad for customers who have naturally long lashes. The package comes with one size and we do not offer a mix, 10 shields which together make 5 pairs.

How can the sizes differ?
Keep in mind that all customers need variation in size, our formula is enriched with growth ingredients, which can lead to customers' lashes growing longer between treatments. A size S customer can easily become a size L customer after just one treatment. Starting with the largest bend and ending with the one that gives the least bend: LMS

The bigger the silicone, the bigger the bend?
Many people think that the bigger the silicone, the bigger the bend, but it's just the opposite. Large silicone pads can offer a softer more natural bend, the opposite is size S in the silicone which gives a more dramatic bend. You will find that your clients mainly need a small or a medium size for most treatments.

Designed by Lashface&Co founders and formulators, these shields are high performance. Made with the smoothest silicone, lifting lashes has become much easier than before! No matter what look you're after, we have the perfect silicone bender for you!

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