Do brows have to look crazy with Lashface&Co Brow Lift?

October 4, 2022. Author: Josefine

Are you discouraged to try the Brow Lift because you don't want to look crazy with your brows straight up? We have some customers who say they are still a little scared to do the treatment but the advantage of a Brow Lift is that you can brush your brows and shape them as you like after treatment.

Why should everyone try Lashface&Co Brow Lift ?

  • It's great for anyone who wants to look younger, fresher and more confident.

  • The results are visible after the first treatment.

  • The treatment has no downtime.

  • The results last up to 8 weeks depending on the individual growth phase of the hair (after that time you can have another Lashface&Co Brow Lift treatment if you wish).

  • If you are put off trying this because you don't want your brows to look crazy, we have some customers who say they are still a little scared to do this treatment even though they know they can brush and shape them them how they want after the treatment. Tip: Try Revolution Brow Soap before you decide if this is right for you or not!

What is Lashface&Co Brow Lift?

Lashface&Co Brow Lift is a keratin treatment that lifts and defines the eyebrows. It's also known as eyebrow lamination, but Lashface&Co use their own brand because they believe in their technology - and they want you to get the best possible results.

The treatment lasts up to 8 weeks and can be repeated every 6 months for maintenance purposes. If you're struggling with brows that need some serious attention, this might be just what you need!

How does it work?

The treatment is done with a special wand that applies a light, even layer of keratin to the brows. The keratin strengthens and shapes the brows. The color is applied to the brows to give them a more natural look. The result lasts up to 8 weeks.

Is it painful?

The treatment is very safe and not painful at all. Most of our customers report that it is relaxing and that they do not feel any discomfort during or after the treatment. The treatment is painless and there are no side effects.

Can anyone get the Lashface&Co Brow Lift done?

We can treat all types of hair. However, results may vary.

I'm pregnant, can I have Lashface&Co Brow Lift done?

  • You can have Lashface&Co Brow Lift done during your pregnancy. It is safe, but you should talk to your doctor first.

  • The results are not permanent. The treatment lasts only 8 weeks and gradually wears off after that.

  • The treatment is not painful at all.

What happens after a Lashface&Co Brow Lift treatment?

The Lashface&Co Brow Lift treatment lasts 60 minutes. You will be able to see the results immediately, but your brows will look fuller and more organized the very next day. Your brows will stay in place and help frame your face, making them perfect for day-to-night looks.

Results last up to 8 weeks depending on the individual hair growth phase, but we recommend returning every 6-8 weeks so you can maintain the shape of your new brows and keep them looking great!

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