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Brow Pencil - 1st

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A really good eyebrow pencil is the key to perfect eyebrows. Our range has 5 different shades and is waterproof.

Lashface & Co are strong opponents of animal testing and our products are not sold in any markets that require the products to be tested on animals.

Hard tip with lots of pigment that is easy to work up to the desired colour. With a lighter hand, the shade will be lighter, while more layers will produce a darker colour.

The product stays on like a mountain all day, but is easy to remove with makeup remover without rubbing. "Pigment rich, dry, easy to work with".

- The narrow tip allows you to reach between strokes.
- Brows are easily shaped and the accompanying brush fixes the perfect arch. The product has everything you want in an eyebrow pencil.
- The design of the pencil tip gives total control where you want to apply the product.
- Great shade range for those who want to mix and match, we recommend purchasing with our oil-free makeup remover for gentle cleansing.

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